Feature in magazine

Reinier and the band are featured in Robin Nolan’s Gypsy Jazz Guitar Secrets magazine, and happy with Robin Nolan’s kind words!

“Kings Of Amsterdam Swing: Reinier Voet & Pigalle44”

I’ve known Reinier Voet and Jan Brouwer ever since I first moved to Amsterdam many years ago and have always looked up to them as experts in all things gypsy jazz and Django Reinhardt related. Jan played rhythm guitar in my trio in the late 90s and has always been one of my favorite guys to make music with. Reinier, somewhat a dark horse in the gypsy jazz world has always impressed me with his guitar playing. Whenever I would check him out over the years in the bars and cafe’s of Amsterdam he would surprise me with his beautiful, sensitive touch and deep understanding of Django’s music. We also share a love of Bireli Lagrene and have enjoyed many a beer raving about guitars and music till deep into the night.

Download issue #19 on iTunes or Google Play! Or get to the site www.GypsyJazzSecrets.com

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