Reinier Voet

For the recording of My Room, Reinier almost exclusively played on his first  Gypsy Jazz guitar: a 1979 Joseph DiMauro, Model Jazz II.

My Room can be seen as a heart meant tribute to Joseph Di Mauro. Or, as Django connoisseur, Michael Dregni says:  “Joseph Di Mauro worked alchemy on his guitars, and that glorious sound is alive throughout this album – warm, rich, and very human. And in thanks, Voet’s solo guitar piece “Pour Joseph” is dedicated to Joseph Di Mauro”.

Custom made pick

A part of the Crowdfunder at Indiegogo: As every guitarist has a preference for his plectrums, so does Reinier:

“The perfect pick develops by playing it into shape. The tip of the pick enables you create a warm sound.  The secret is the way the tip hits the string. I have analyzed one of my favorite picks together with my friend and Luthier Thijs van der Harst of Moustache Guitars. With his knowledge and tools we found a way to reproduce that ideal pick. It now saves me (and YOU!) a lot of time to get to that point and it will start you off with pleasant playing.”

It is good to have Thijs on board for this job: he is a great craftsman and has built a nice range of wonderful sounding guitars. His eye for detail, his ear for sound, his quest for the right wood and the care for his instruments make him a luthier who earned much respect in gypsy jazz scene.

Gypsy jazz for the 21st century