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Dutch jazz guitarist Reinier Voet (1962) presents his new quartet with his new album ‘IMAGES’. On this new album, the guitarist, who until now was best known for his gipsy jazz style, takes a new path with his own compositions and arrangements. Apart from Voet, the quartet is made up of musicians also known in jazz: Jelle van Tongeren (violin), Mischa Kool (double bass), and Harold Berghuis (rhythm guitar).

With his new group, simply named the ‘Reinier Voet Quartet’, he distances himself from gipsy jazz without losing the link with his great inspiration, Django Reinhardt, and his ‘disciples’ of today and the past. Although the band has a traditional line-up with lead guitar, violin, rhythm guitar, and double bass, the musicians’ roles are freer. The style is more ‘jazz’, more contemporary, and more personal. This new sound also comes from the fact that most of this new disc, ‘IMAGES’, consists of new compositions by Reinier. In addition, he is accompanied by musicians unrelated to the gipsy style. The talented violinist Jelle van Tongeren, for example, has a style of improvisation that is more inspired by Jean-Luc Ponty or Sonny Rollins than by the playing of Stéphane Grappelli. On this disc, apart from quartet pieces, there are also pieces played solo, in duets, and in trios.

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  1. jan brouwer

    With pleasure I include Reinier’s new disc in the shop. It is a pleasure to listen to. Go and get yourself a copy today!

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