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Terug in Zeppos!

Goed nieuws voor iedereen die met plezier terugdenkt aan de heerlijke zondagmiddagen in het Amsterdamse café Kapitein Zeppos.
De zondagmiddagen staan daar sinds kort in het teken van Club Dimanche. 

Bob en Claire boeken weer als vanouds gezellige muziek op de zondagmiddag.
Eerder stonden op het vertrouwde podium al het Robin Nolan Trio, Cees Hamelink alias The Professor and Friends was er weer en op 12 november is het de beurt aan Reinier, Jan en Jet om de zaal weer te vullen met Django’s Jazz á la Voet.

De entree is zoals altijd gratis, de gastvrijheid groot en de muziek fijn.

We verheugen ons enorm om jullie allemaal te zien op
12 november, van 16 tot 18 uur.
in Kapitein Zeppos
Gebed Zonder End 5, Amsterdam. 

With Dick Vanderharst

Reinier goes back a long time with guitarist, composer and bandoneonplayer Dick Vanderharst. Already at Reinier’s graduation at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague they were musical friends. Since then they have been working together in many a project like Piceni with singer Nannette Currie. Not much of this group has been recorded and material of this is hard to find… It’s worth checking out the web for the album 20 Jaar De Vieze Gasten. Reinier and Dick are featured on De Kakkerlakkenkoningin and Tango Deprimo. (and for what’s more… Koen de Cauter is on this album as well!)

In the summer of 2018 Robin Nolan invited the band to come and play at his festival in the Bimhuis. Reinier invited Dick for this special event. The band rehearsed, played some gigs in Belgium to prepare a fun night at the Bimhuis

The Reinier Voet & Pigalle44 quartet at Robin Nolan’s Django Amsterdam, January 2019 (photo: Thijs van der Harst)

In Django’s footsteps, Voet style

January 13th took the trio, with Karin van Kooten as a special guest, to the legendary Studio 2 of MCO (Muziek Centrum van de Omroep) in Hilversum.
The studio that was designed as the fist radiostudio for live music in Holland has seen many jazzheros since it was built in the early 1930ies.

Even Django has played there, as part of his short stay in Holland in November 1937. He was invited to play a live radioshow with members of the, then immensely popular, Dutch dance band The Ramblers.

Django and gang in font of the Studio 2 entrance

Reinier cooked up a lovey set of Django tunes, gypsy jazz classics, more unknown material and of course some Voet tunes for a live cd-recording.

Reinier, Jan, Jet and Karin spent a productive afternoon and morning in the studio and the result is to there!


In the winter of 2017 Reinier, Jan and Karin were invited to play in Hotel Central in Den Bosch together with bassist Eric Timmermans.

As we had to pass some time we wandered around in the old town center of Den Bosch and stumbled on Pigalle12… A fun find!

With Sims and Maggie

Jan met Sims and Maggie, of Harmonious Wail, in the late 1990ies while touring the US with the Robin Nolan Trio.

What fun it was to host an evening with these musical friends in Kapitein Zeppos in 2015 when they toured Europe. The Pigalle44 trio supported them in a fun packed evening of songs. Karin van Kooten joined band as well for some tunes.