Pigalle44 with Dick Vanderharst

With Dick Vanderharst

Reinier goes back a long time with guitarist, composer and bandoneonplayer Dick Vanderharst. Already at Reinier’s graduation at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague they were musical friends. Since then they have been working together[…]

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In the winter of 2017 Reinier, Jan and Karin were invited to play in Hotel Central in Den Bosch together with bassist Eric Timmermans. As we had to pass some time we wandered around in[…]

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With Sims and Maggie

Jan met Sims and Maggie, of Harmonious Wail, in the late 1990ies while touring the US with the Robin Nolan Trio. What fun it was to host an evening with these musical friends in Kapitein[…]

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