In Django’s footsteps, Voet style

January 13th took the trio, with Karin van Kooten as a special guest, to the legendary Studio 2 of MCO (Muziek Centrum van de Omroep) in Hilversum.
The studio that was designed as the fist radiostudio for live music in Holland has seen many jazzheros since it was built in the early 1930ies.

Even Django has played there, as part of his short stay in Holland in November 1937. He was invited to play a live radioshow with members of the, then immensely popular, Dutch dance band The Ramblers.

Django and gang in font of the Studio 2 entrance

Reinier cooked up a lovey set of Django tunes, gypsy jazz classics, more unknown material and of course some Voet tunes for a live cd-recording.

Reinier, Jan, Jet and Karin spent a productive afternoon and morning in the studio and the result is to there!

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